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“Guitar virtuoso makes enticingly vivacious debut” – 4/5 Stars The Guardian (UK)

“With Riser, Luft has not only made an overwhelming debut, but sets himself at the forefront of the outstanding and interesting guitarists in jazz. A miraculous achievement for such a young guitarist, but based on Riser, this is no more than perfect. Very impressive!” – 4.5/5 Stars Written In Music (NL)

“An original guitarist to be prized.” – 4 Stars The Irish Times (IRE)

“With Riser Luft has produced a debut album of remarkable originality, strong compositions and he’s assisted by a formidable quartet of musicians whose natural sensibilities and talents only serve to enhance the project.” – 4 Stars All About Jazz (UK)

“Luft wears his ‘manifold’ influences lightly and has come up with a startlingly original sound inspired by contemporary music from all over the globe.” – 4.5/5 Stars Jazzmann (UK)

Riser is the new album from London-born award-winning guitarist Rob Luft. A musician of incredible talent, depth and maturity, Rob Luft is set to become a name to remember. At only 23 years of age his proficiency as a guitarist and composer embodies a level of musicianship and vision well beyond his years. A winner of the prestigious Kenny Wheeler Music Prize as well as placing second in The 2016 Montreux Jazz Guitar Competition, Rob is already garnering praise from critics across Europe. The UK’s Jazzwise Magazine has highlighted his “obvious star quality” and Riser is an album that stands up to scrutiny as one of the finest debut records in many years in the burgeoning creative current UK Jazz scene. Read more…

“Riser marks the first occasion on which I’ve released a selection of my original songs. I have always considered myself as being primarily a performer and secondly a composer” says Rob “and feel more at home standing on the kind of “Riser” that can be found in London’s jazz clubs rather than sitting at home writing music.”

Rob Luft guitar
Joe Wright tenor saxophone
Joe Webb hammond organ, piano and harmonium
Tom McCredie bass
Corrie Dick drums

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